"I am sending this to you because I have written letters last year and called Tom Ritter this year several times concerning the Very Noisy Trainers, 3 or 4 red, white, and blue in colors that have come from Kingsville, Texas in the June of the past several years and circle. And circle over our community and our beaches in the city. They are noisy and dangerous and they do not belong here! This is NOT the Training Command and it is a Resort Community full of people and it is unsafe!!! I tried calling you, but no answer. I know the city meets with the Navy every week and I have urged them to do something g about these out of state Trainers!! Help!! I have even seen them flying in formation!! Very dangerous!! Today they were doing this!!"


"This was one of three in 15 minutes today who were on final approach to Runway 29 to the far right of the offset over Sunset Park residences. I called hotline as I always do. They are low, slow, loud, emissions too above our heads. Should a catastrophic incident occur with engine malfunction, bird strike, kites in park, weather, lives and homes are and would be at risk. These aircraft are not suited to landing here if they must overfly at low slow altitudes. Unconscionable, disturbing...feel powerless and overpowered. There are other air field choices and runways."


"We live on the north end of Chula Vista. The helecopters fly over our home about 10/30 times a day. The solution is to just move the flight path 3000ft North. This would put the flight path over the Sweetwater River and Hy 54. Big problem with a very simple solution. We thought we were alone until we read the other post. Again we all have a BIG problem with a simple solution. Just move the flight paths. Thanks to all."


"We have booked a room at the Del hotel coronado for 3 days, which is not cheap, And costs a small fortune to us, and all i can hear are those military helicopters passing by for hours and hours, even at nightly hours ruining our time at the del hotel. Although i carry a warm hearth towards the military i can not see why this is nescessary so close and above a 5 star resort. It really is killing the atmospher and ruins my night’s sleep. It makes me mad and frustrated. They come by every 3 minutes!"


"We love our armed forces and all they do to protect us but there is absolutely no need for fly practice to take place over occupied property when it can be avoided. The Navy has been so advised and yet they do nothing about it. They seem to agree with the fly pattern and that their planes should stay within the fly patterns but they seem not to care about correcting the problems. How can it be that they have no way of enforcing their trainers to abide by the fly pattern????.....

With all the meetings and elbow rubbing and pretense to care about these fly-overs our military can't seem to do anything about it. Well, we all know that it could be and should be stopped like yesterday and they simply don't give a damn. We might just as well eliminate a city council and turn it over to the military and let it be done. Our city council can't seem to do enough to do what the military wants without question.

I have lived here for 40 years and have seen the military gradually take over the city of Coronado. The Strand is now overcrowded with traffic to the point we have heavy traffic coming and going when this could have been better planned. Between tourists and military the rest of the citizens are choked off from getting around their own little town for day to day living. Until we have some intelligent capable people run for office and stand up for Coronado citizens there will be no one to put a stop to these fly-overs or anything else."


"We have lived on Coronado for many years. I’m a retired machinist, aircraft mechanic, flight engineer, and aerospace worker and have NEVER been able to figure out why the Navy does anything it does. We are putting our longtime family home on the market, and made the dreadful error of renting a townhome in the Cays. The helicopter noise near Coronado Beach is NOTHING compared to the south end of the Cays, due to the constant takeoffs and landings at Ream Field! I don’t know how the people in Imperial Beach can stand it. Does the Navy have to be EVERYWHERE!?!? They foolishly gave away the historic Naval Training Center to the McMillan Company, and now they are building a MASSIVE “coastal campus” on the Silver Strand. You should see the hundreds of new bright lights from our rental unit – and that’s just the parking lot! Believe me, the constant helicopter noise and the new bright lights take all the fun out of living on the South Bay waterfront."


"It isnt just helicopter, plane noise and pollution I have a problem with; it is also the noise and pollution from the traffic going to and from the Navy Base. The cars and motorcycles have mufflers that set my car alarm off daily. I am worried about the safety of my child and pet and I am disgusted by the cigarette butts that people throw out their car windows on the way to the base. There is no respect from the Navy in my opinion."


"We are staying at the Hotel Del for spring break and some much need time off. After 40 plus close fly by approaches of SeaHawks...which I have no real problem with as I was an Army Aviator for 10+ years , I had a simple question. What exactly kind of helipoter unit needs to train its aviators to land on a runway? These guys need to build some helipads and taxiways that aprroach directly from the water and they can build instrument approaces and departures from the same darn helipads. Training will be enhanced and the re;sidents and guests below will benefit from a easier life.. Fly your darn birds like they were designed and solve this silly problem. Or....transition to a fixed wing."


"On February 14, 2018, at 5:30 p.m., a Navy helicopter flew completely off the approved landing lanes, flying directly over homes on Ocean Ave, Alder, and Coronado Ave. (Photo is the background here.) Why? Approximately 5 minutes later, an F-18 did exactly the same. The pilot managed to keep the engine thrusters at the highest possible decibel level (well over 110 db) and slowest possible velocity to further damage our lives. To make matters worse, the plane did not fly-by and did not land. He just flew around the base, the bay, and out over Point Loma, spewing excessive noise for several minutes. There was no possible mission necessity for the plane to fly over residences rather than over the sea."


"For months and months, concerned Coronado citizens have been asking, begging through phone calls, newspaper articles, town meetings and letters to the powers to be, requesting the Navy divert helicopters away from residential homes and beaches, and fly a safe distance over the water. It is a risk we can avoid, these areas of the Cays, Hotel Del, Ocean Ave and public beaches are high use areas, not only for the islanders, but also for visitors from around the world.

These cries for the Navy to act on our request have gained little traction and have been swept aside as just a bunch of people (several who are retired Navy Pilots) who have nothing better to do, or dislikes the Navy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The concerns of these Coronado citizens became a reality tonight in a small Southern California town. Tonight a tragedy occurred in Newport Beach. Whether it was a helicopter malfunction or user error is still unknown as of tonight, but the bottom line is that this helicopter crashed in a residential neighborhood and people died.

Do you get it now? This issue can become our issue or it can be solved by operating the helicopters off the coast a couple hundred yards. Look, we live in the greatest little city in the world with the greatest Navy in the world, surely we can figure out a solution so that we can avoid a situation like the Newport Beach tragedy. Let’s be clear, we love the military and honor our soldiers, but we also love our town and each citizen and visitor. Go Navy!"


"I agree that the flight zone needs to be changed!"


"Enough is Enough -- From 5:30 to 7:30 our family dinner and news viewing or movie watching is interrupted by jet and helicopter noise to the point where you can't hear yourself think or even hear the TV or take a phone call. Where is the love during the family hour?"


"We had a perfect illustration of just how nice and quiet island life could be last year when the main runway at NASNI was closed for repairs for about three weeks. Planes and jets and helos were landing and taking off over the ocean - I even saw a few jets approach over the bay and land towards the ocean. Of course runways are aligned with the prevailing winds -- and planes of yesteryear needed that added help, but modern jets have no problems with crosswind landings most of the time. If winds are excessive, which they rarely are here -- by all means take the safest approach. Of course every airport in the world has planes take off and land in the same direction. What's wrong with being non-traditional when we have the best trained pilots in the world? It seems that "normal" daily NASNI air traffic isn't so heavy that controllers and pilots would be overburdened by using the over-ocean routing most of the time. I would like to hear the Navy's explanation for just how disruptive this 3 week period was to their operations -- and exactly why it couldn't be a permanent."


"I write this with the up most grattitude & thanks for our brave military men & women. My Father is a retired CDR & I have three brothers who are actively serving. Two of whom are pilots. We live very close to the 'flight path.' Only more recently have we noticed the boombostic noise from the jets. My children nap in the afternoon and without a doubt as soon as they fall asleep the jets make there way past our home. Waking my kids. I would love to support the old AICUZ/APZ landing path in hopes to keep our neighborhood queiter & safer. Thank you!"


"I am a retired Navy Captain. After 35 years of military service no-one can doubt my support for the Navy. However, I am also a Coronado home owner, and am very unhappy with the disregard the Navy shows for the residents of Coronado. When I bought my home in 1986 Coronado was a very pleasant place to live. Now, since the Navy has greatly increased the number of personnel, planes and ships at North Island, life here is not so pleasant. Not only do residents have to put-up with greatly increased noise and air pollution, we have to deal with helicopters and jets flying directly over our homes. That can't be safe. When you leave the Base there is a sign that says 'Be a good neighbor'. Perhaps the people in power should read it some time!"


"Ever since the change in runways, it is rare when I can sit in my own backyard. In 2002, we put in a pool and landscaped orienting everything to the backyard. Until the runway change, we were able to enjoy it. Now, I have to close all the windows because of jet noise in order to even sleep. I live on Coronado Avenue in the 800 block. The noise is horrific."


"Please move your landing path back out to sea. Save our village from the noise and jet fuel. Give us back a little air quality, hearing, and just general conversation."


"I am not only tired of the noise from Navy jets but sickened (literally) by the jet fuel and filth in my garden. I was sick for one year while doctors and specialists tried to figure out why I could not get rid of a horrible cough, low grade fever and being lethargic! All of this due to pollution from the jets. My husband was a jet pilot in the Navy and NEVER once did he go over our village instead of the ocean"


"We have a home in country club and accept a certain noise level but I agree with all who have posted here that the flight paths need to be adjusted. Some simple dialogue and some give and take by the Navy should allow for a quick compromise. The idea of a mile and a half off shore (mentioned in a post) would seem to me to make a huge impact to the noise and pollution level while only slightly impacting Navy operations."


"The safety issues are huge in the community. Spraying fuel over the public beach & private homes is unacceptable. There is also the potential for malfunction. Please move the flight paths back to where they once were, away from civilians."


"I am writing in to show my support for this committee as I cannot stand the noise pollution any longer. I love the navy and I am a navy child, and come from a large military family, but something needs to be compromised or changed."


"The increasing helicopter noise along Coronado Bech is extremely annoying and obnoxious. We have been residents for 18 years and the helicopter noise has gotten worse and worse."


"The Navy needs to change flight pattern to the ocean for health, hearing and safety of Coronado Citizens. Thank you very much!"


"We live in the Cays, across from the Loews hotel. The noise from the helo's goes on & on. The noise from the fighter planes, landing over head with afterburner, is beyond hearing tolerance. The windows in our house shudder & rattle when the plane goes over. The black soot from the aircraft engines requires frequently cleaning & penetrates inside our house. Recent cleaning of the indoor fans yielded black soot on all fan blades."


"Last night I met some Coronado residents at a friend's house. We sat on the patio to enjoy the evening. Between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. a half dozen helicopters flew down the beach. With each helicopter the noise level rose to uncomfortable levels, the conversation stopped, and we waited for the noise to subside. It was very frustrating. Why is the Navy insistent on making this beautiful little beach town an extension of their runway. There is a whole ocean out there to fly around! Coronado is an absolute gem. Its time the Navy did it's part to restore piece and quiet in our town."


"After listening to the CO's presentation on September 18th 2017, where he explained how nothing will change and that "his guys" never fly over our houses, I explained that one just fly directly down our street and provided the exact date and time. Several days later, the navy had to admit that their pilot did indeed break all the rules. Please, please note the exact date and time and call in your complaints. They will research and they will get back to you if you leave your number. Document, document, document...it will help build our case, but be specific."


"I want to know who was asleep at the switch to allow this to happen. I am a patriot but there is no excuse for bombarding our residences with the noise so loud you can't have social conversation and at times fearful that you are being situated in a war zone. There is no reason Coronado citizens be subject to this noise.

Where were our Cays Representatives and City Council when this flight plan was being hatched?... This unreasonable intrusion in rights of Coronado Citizens is unacceptable and should be stopped... I don't recall Coronado Citizens having any opportunity to protest flight these flight patterns. The citizens of Coronado may just as well had their homes seized by the government in an Eminent Domain Action. The noise is simply intollerable and flying exercises over our homes is a nightmare waiting to happen."


"The Navy's helicopter traffic is indeed irritating. If there are alternative routes, it would be good if they would use them."


"I grew up in Coronado in country Club area. so there are certain areas you accept noise . The Shores were built along the runway. But when you move to the Cays on the Bay it is beyond unacceptable . Don't EVEN move your Paths to accommodate the Del and the Shores! It's outrageous to be buzzed by osprey , helicopters, F-35, and all aircraft getting their landings in because Congress gave Miramar away to the marines!! Congress closed Alameda! Send them to Lamoore! Our area is Not big enough for this! Let's sue for hearing loss! My father was a fighter pilot, we moved here to get away from fighter noise. If The F-35 helmet is $500,000 to protect their ears , and they wear ear plugs , who is protecting our ears?"


"The Hotel Del is a popular venue for private parties and guests reported that the level of noise from the function rooms and the bar in the evenings was often quite intrusive. Noise from helicopters which frequently fly over the hotel prevented many from getting a good night's sleep."


"I live in the Shores and the helicopter noise until 10 or 11 pm is terrible! Several helicopters fly right over the beach, very close to the towers. I don't understand why all helicopters don't use an approach to the naval base that is slightly off-shore. The off-shore approach reduces noise dramatically."


"I just lodged a complaint on the "not-so-hot" line community input line. We have had two Ospreys repeatedly circling over the end of Blue Anchor and Spinnaker Way at very low altitude from 10:50 - 11:20. Interestingly, after I hung up, within a few minutes I spotted them at the correct altitude and correct distance from the shoreline. Maybe somebody else got to them first. It has been, and continues to be, a very noisy Saturday.

I despair that we will have any impact no matter how loud we scream."


"This should be a five star resort. Pity it's been taken over by the navy seals doing military maneuvers over the pool and sunset deck. We were really looking forward to going into this historic, classic hotel that's been around since the 1800s. I remember the beautiful tennis courts on the beach and how quiet and secluded the hotel USED to be. No more tennis courts because they weren't getting enough use. And the hotel I assume lost the fight against the military so now on your quiet sunset bar overlooking the beach there are dozens of helicopters zooming by as well as military planes, all flying very low and extremely NOISY. It went on like this from roughly 3-10 PM although when I asked the front desk when they would stop they grimly said they didn't have the schedule for the military exercises. So much for peaceful lounging by the pool. Initially when we arrived and went up to our third floor room overlooking the courtyard we were hit by the sewer like smell in the hallways. The hotel had set up a number of floor fans and it smelt really bad so we were nervous our room would also smell, but it didn't. And the next day the bad smell slowly disappeared. I don't know what problem the hotel was having but that initial impression was bad. It's too bad the noisy helicopters and bombers didn't go away. Overall it was disappointing for such an expensive first class hotel. I would not go back."

Coronado Visitor

"It really isn't the tactical jets that are bothersome. I like to see them and they have an approach that is over water... It is the noisey slow two seater one that drowns over our houses in summer that are bothersome, noisy and loud and annoying. They are not combat ones.... and belong at another airfield as they start early and drown on and on all day long."


"I spoke at the meeting this afternoon, which I did after the Nasni CO again provided erroneous information on the need for training. I lose my temper when people do that. I believe he should know better. The math is simple: 250 helo pilots at NASNI; proficiency requirement 10 instrument approaches per year = 2500. 260 working days in a year = 10 approaches per day. I live on Ocean Blvd and I see that many approaches in less than one hour. These instrument approaches do not have to be done to runway 29 either, which is the most noise sensitive, but can be done to any runway with a published instrument approach procedure. The bottom line is: most of these approaches are not training instrument approaches and can be flown in an FAA/Naval manner to provide a safe, quiet and neighbor friendly way. The “Hotel Visual“ approach is such a published, Navy-approved approach. It calls for aircraft to fly 1-1.5 miles off shore until abeam the hotel Del, then intercept the runway 29 centerline and fly inbound. Currently, most aircraft coming from Reem field fly a curvature that keeps them over the beach and are obviously not instrument training flights. They fly a pattern that is not published, specifically approved, but also not specifically disapproved. The CO knows this but chose to misrepresent the situation to the audience on at least 2 occasions."


"I have been on travel most of Feb, March, April & May overseas and in the US. During that time I saw and heard 3 helos. One flying over Hong Kong Harbor, one flying over our cruise ship as we entered the Suez Canal, and one flying over the Mexican Resort - La Paz. It was a quiet and enjoyable four months.

Upon returning home in the Cays my quality of life has taken a big dip due to almost constant helo noise day and night. Although the helo issues have improved a little after the skippers excellent brief, on helo flight paths during the Naval Complexes Meeting on 1/23/17, the low flights over Cays homes and the GCA box pattern around the Cays, especially at night every 5 minutes needs to be changed."


"It appears there is now an additional flight path for your Helicopters. It is right over my house. Both inside and outside my house the noise is so loud all activity has to stop until the helicopter passes over. This is beyond reason. Commercial planes do not fly this path."


"You are getting Action in regards to the NAS landing pattern. More folks than you think are concerned. This area is way to beautiful and enjoyed by way to many people here and around the world for the Navy and City to take a risk of having a mass lose of life and property. If this were to happen after so much concern, talks and complaints people who are in charge could face suits and possible prison time."


"Noise from these helicopters is really a problem not only for residents but the commerce of Coronado as beach visitors and hotel guest have the unpleasant experience of these aircraft.

Even more important is the flight route over any structures and beach is getting more dangerous with the growing use of amateurs drowns on the beach. Even with the laws that prohibit there use they are flying every weekend and with summer coming everyday. All it's going to take is one drown hitting one of these helicopters and the loss of life and economic fall out would be devastating to our community. Please move the flight lanes over the ocean !"


"Do not understand why the helicopters have to fly so close to the Coronado Shores and the dangers involved. Such a simple fix to such a serious potential problem."


"I hate living in scenic, idyllic Coronado because of the constant noise overhead and to be fair, all of the road traffic. After a stressful day at the office and an even more stressful commute to and from work, I have a reasonable expectation for peace and quiet when I get home. Instead, my stress continues because of the constant helicopter noise and so instead of enjoying a relaxing glass of wine, I insert my ear plugs. I am not going to voice the obligatory "I support the Navy." The Navy does exactly what it wants to do in order so support its mission, as is its right. The Navy has zero respect for the residents of Coronado. The helicopters and planes fly by day and night with no consideration for noise abatement and safety. Coronado is a wonderful place to visit if you're a tourist, but it's a different story for residents who live here and put up with noise pollution day in and day out. Please, please STOP THE NOISE."


"Main runway at NASNI apparently closed for repairs these past few days (today is 2/14/2017). So nice!!!!!!!!! So quiet!!!!! Down at the beach I can see that lots of planes and helos are using the more north/south runway without any apparent problems. Why not all the time??????"


"Since the main runway has been closed, it has been so nice and quiet! I don't have black powder all over my patio and deck daily. Why can't the helicopters and planes always approach and takeoff directly out to the ocean. That eliminates so many problems: noise, pollution, and danger to residents. Why can't this be a permanent solution?"


"Thank you. I saw your post in the Coronado paper when I was at my parents' in the Cays. We are inundated by helicopters in Pt. Loma too - humming day and night. It's awful! I have shared this information with my Nextdoor group in the Wooded Area"


"Hello, Since 2014 we have written many letters to the Commanding Officer, Mayor, and City Council Members in regards to this issue. Some of the letters were published in the Eagle. So needless to say we are very interested in participating. Thank you. Looking forwards to your emails."


"We live on Balboa Avenue. Retired aviation professional, but clueless as to the necessity for helos to fly precision localizer/glideslope approaches to Rnwy29. Do not mind the aircraft noise, but we DO object to the sounds of motorcycles and other unneccessarily loud vehicles going to/from NASNI at all hours. Country Club neighborhood sustains an exceptionally large amount of unburnt fuel hydrocarbons (soot), which sticks to everything and causes corrosion when combined with salt air. No issue, as long it's not a health hazard. Have very much enjoyed the aircraft departing from Rnwy 11 lately. Also, the sound of helos idling for hours is far more annoying than the fly-bys."


"The soot and especially noice that emanate from these helicopters coming over the east side of the cays is untolerable. I met a helicopter pilot recently and he said to me "the more you complain the lower I will fly" Really? wow. I have a business and I cannot conduct business when the helicopters are flying so many times during the day right over my house. Of course this is more perceptible duing nice weather when the doors and windows are open. You cannot say they will be getting more than 200? That make me so angry that the navey just takes whatever land and does whatever they want in regards to the community. They feign concern, but do nothing to curtail what they are doing. Love our military but please work together"


"Hello, I live in Point Loma and we are continually disturbed by the helicopters. Occasionally is no problem whatsoever but day after day of them hovering over the NAS will at times drive us out of our homes. I was active in fighting the FAA'so attempted changes to them commercial air routes into / out of Lindbergh. I would appreciate someone calling me, I have a couple of suggestions from what we learned while fighting the FAA. Thank you for your good efforts"


"I noticed your ad in the Eagle and read the website. I agree that the Navy helicopter noise and pollution has been an issue and concern for many of us residents & homeowners for many, many years. I agree they, and formerly the Navy jets, are/were quite a noise and safety concern in the beach area of Coronado. NASNI was not a "quiet fixed wing airbase" as you state. Jet noise was ear splitting.

The Navy helicopters flying down the bay from North Island to IB and reverse, has been a big noise issue for just as many years. We have experienced the negative impact of the bay route for over 40 years. As with the auto traffic to and from the base, the helicopter traffic has increased significantly over the years. The helicopters are incredibly noisy and annoying, at all hours."


"The noise up until a few days ago has been excessive and unnessary . The approach procedures are quite clear and well thought out , but are not followed . The procedures were designed to minimize noise and maximise safety , especially for those on the ground . Training is given as an excuse for flying down the beach instead of approaching off shore as is depicted in the Navy procedures . Thanks for your consideration"


"Please adopt the over- ocean interfacility flight path and ensure aircraft are far enough off shore prior to turning north/south (Imperial Beach OLF area) that noise and air pollution will not impact residential areas of Imperial Beach or Coronado."


"We call them "helicopter nights" -- an endless loop of recurring flyovers of our home seemingly spaced at exact 10 - 15 minute intervals. We interrupt our conversations, hit pause on the TV or our music and sometimes cover our ears. Often ... it'll be an excuse to get in our car and head over the bridge for dinner just to get away for a couple house. Thankfully it isn't every night and is usually over by 10PM.

I imagine there must be a good reason these helicopters must follow the same approaches as fixed wing aircraft to North Island. I hope so. But having worked for the Navy, "just because" seems to be the go-to justification for why a lot of things are the way they are."


"I grew up on Acacia Way in Country Club. my father was a jet pilot and we even lived on Miramar. The sound of Freedom was expected and respected. The military respected its neighborhood as well. I married an S3 pilot , who later became a Vr 57 Co on North Island landing mainly on the runway over the ocean. . We purchased in the Cays to get away from Airplane noise. Now you are routinely doing night flying in the bay and the sout is causing health hazard and disease on our plants. Taking over all our neighborhoods and freeways and highways and not giving a care to any neighborhooods is a dictatorship! This should have been Marine business up at empty Pendleton land! . There is no room for all of this! Idiots!"


"We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Navy but hate, hate, hate the loud, disturbing H-60's that fly almost directly over our house at all hours of the day, evening, and night. Last night, 12-7-16 one flew over at 11:45 PM. There is one right now as I type this at 7:00PM"


"STOP THE NOISE!! Enough is enough! I've lived in Point Loma for over 15 years and it's never been this bad. You are running helicopters 24/7 practically- till late at night, on weekends, throughout the day at times. PLEASE HAVE MERCY. We cannot live in these conditions. It is ruinous to our mental health, peace of mind and well being. You have no right to deluge citizenry with this abominable racket. Move your base away from this densely populated area to a more conducive region for noise pollution. You can and will be sued should you fail to take these complaints seriously."


"Having served as a Marine Corps Officer and Navy doctor for 32 years after the Naval Academy, my love for our military should be obvious. I appreciate the ‘sound of freedom’, but I dislike our Navy breaking the rules by H-60s traveling outside the flight paths designated by the Air Installations Compatible Use Zones. The aircraft needlessly put the health and safety of residents at risk by flying outside of the CNO approved flight tracks.

The first sentence of the AICUZ reads “The primary goal of the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ) Program is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of those living on and near a military airfield while preserving the operational capability of the airfield.” AICUZ Document. This document devotes more than 16 pages to details about aircraft noise and abatement steps, yet the helos violate their own flight rules. The helo noise and danger from over-flights not only affects the Cays and the shoreline from IB to Country Club, it has a significant impact from NASNI south along 1st Street."


"two years ago bought a townhouse on the San Diego bay, because of the peace and serenity being near a wildlife preserve and bird sanctuary. It was, I say, was, peaceful then. Now our lovely, tropical patio, overlooking the protected wetland, has become a drone of helicopter noise morning til night. And with the construction of another naval site, the bam, bam noise of drilling in that area is is intolerable. No more mornings with the door open, hearing the birds, or having fresh air blow in. This is no way to start the day, or enjoy the beautiful area we thought we'd found. God knows we pay very high taxes to be here, but this pollution is not worth it. Take your helicopters and their back and forth noise on the ocean route, not over our residences in the Cays. And hurry up with that construction site on prime oceanfront land, that should have been left to nature."


"This is a powerful tool, to solve an annoyance and address the potential for a real disaster involving property and life as well as the economy of this wonderful Island we call home. We love the Navy and our Country. I am positive that this can be addressed in a positive manner and in the end the Navy and concerned citizens will bring this issue to a positive resolution. Thank you for setting this site up and for unifying our voice"


"Low flying aviation traffic has increased over time in coronado beginning early in the morning and late into the night - some aircraft circle in place for hours displaying underwing led flashing commercial information. No one seems to have any jurisdiction over this - cpd refers all calls to north island and they have no idea who is circling in place. Thanks!"


"We have written several letters to the Commanding Officer of the base and the Mayor and City Council Members starting on February 22/2014 in regards to the noisy helicopters. Our last Open letter to the Commanding Officer Captain Barnett was published in the Eagle on June 21/2016. We will make sure to attend the next meeting."


"Appreciative of the service and freedom provided, but please be a good neighbor and stop flying the "useless" shoreline approach with the helo's. There is simply no need for it, despite any rhetoric to the contrary. Thank you."


"We are particularly concerned about the amount of pollution, The noise is certainly a factor in parts of Coronado. At times it is impossible to converse."


"Moving the flight path to over water — versus over densely occupied residences — can’t cost anything and would make the Navy a good neighbor. Please do so!!!!"


"Fly out over the water and reduce number of flights."


"PLEASE stop the H-60's from flying over our house at all hours"


"I was lucky to grow up in Coronado. Our home was on Glorietta near the yacht club - it was such a nice and quiet place to call home. I've since moved and come home to a house on Isabella by the beach where my parents now live. I CANNOT believe how loud it is here. I'm here in Coronado now and just tried to call my grandmother to arrange lunch plans. The noise from the helicopters was so loud I had to hang up and call her back twice before being able to finish our conversation. After setting plans over the phone, I went to speak to my mom about the plans -- though we were indoors and standing right next to one another, we had to stop our conversation multiple times while the H-60s flew over.

Honestly, I don't know how they live like this. It's insane.

If there is anything that can be done to stop this highly disruptive noise pollution, it absolutely must be done."


"Our lives are in turmoil from the incessant helicopter noise from NAS Coronado. Although we live on the tip of Point Loma, the noise streams across the bay amplified by the water. The noise is destructive to our health and well-being, lowering our property values and in general wreaking havoc in our community. We've never been so deluged by noise as now. We object strenuously to this racket and it is incompatible, patently unacceptable in close proximity to a densely populated area. STOP THE NOISE ALREADY!"


"Please re-route the helicopters and all other aircraft farther out to sea, rather than flying over populated areas. Not only is this SAFER for a very large number of people that live underneath the flight path, but it also is QUIETER, a very serious quality of life issue in Coronado. Further, we do not need to either BREATH the exhaust products of the aircraft, and we do not appreciate the layer of BLACK GOOP that collects on structures and patios from their exhaust and fuel. Asking the aircraft to move their flight path a hundred yards or so can’t possibly affect them in any significant way; but it would be a major improvement for the residents of Coronado. Thank you."


"As an involved and concerned member of the Coronado community, I am asking the Navy to facilitate the reduction of the danger, intrusion, and noise pollution caused by the existing flight patterns of the helicopters. I realize that your job is to protect us, but please find a safe, but less intrusive way of doing this. Thank you very much."


"Please consider changes to make Coronado a safer and healthier place for residents."


"Against increased usage where homes are."


"I realize that North Island Naval Air flights predates most of the current residential structures along the current flight patterns. However, as good neighbors I would hope that the Navy will consider adjusting their flight patterns so as to minimize the noise & reduce the residue that the current flights inflict on our residential community."


"I live in the south Cays and have a vantage point to observe helo flights over this area on a daily basis. With increasing regularity, helos violate the 1/4 mile offshore flight path. They fly close to the shore at South Grande Caribe park and then cut directly over all the homes on Spinnaker Way. Just such a helicopter was observed last night, January 19, at 5pm. In addition, last Sunday, January 15 at 12:20pm a fixed wing aircraft (supply?) few directly over my car as I was driving by the Del Coronado Hotel on Orange avenue. It was a clear sunny day - the aircraft buzzed directly over the Del on its approach path. Is that really necessary?"


"The Navy H-60 continue to fly over or close to the homes and condos in the south eastern part of the Coronado Cays at 1,000 ft. or less (in direct violation of the AICUZ 2,500ft. minimum VFR altitude over homes in the Cays) as they transit to and from NAS NI and IB outlying field. For some reason the helo pilots mark on top of Cays homes and condos as they fly east to west to IB outlying field and west to east back to NAS NI instead of flying over the bay well to the east of the Cays and over the bay well to the south of the Cays, as directed in the AICUZ??? There is a safety, pollution and pulsating, irritating noise issue that must be resolved!!

I live in Southern Part of Coronado Cays and the helo H-60 aircraft noise is impacting my quality of life. I bought here in 1990 after retiring from the Navy because it was a quiet place to live, with the sound of the ocean coming thru open windows. That calming ocean sound has been replaced by helo aircraft noise as helo fly over and close to homes in the Cays flying to and from Nas NI to IB outlying field at about 1000 ft. NAS NI helos are not flying any of the 3 approved interfacility flight tracks shown in figure 3-11 of NAS AICUZ .The solution is simple, The two Helo Wing Commanders and CO's of helo squadrons should make sure helo pilots fly one of the three flight tracks in NAS AICUZ, preferably one of the two over the ocean away from homes. The potential of a aircraft accident in the Cays is a possibility if helo's continue to violate their approved flight tracks.

In summary although I support the Navy ,my quality of life is deceasing as helo noise goes well into the night and my life is not safe. The Navy should not be allowed to ruin Coronado Cays as a place to live!!"


"I am a huge supporter of the Navy, however the continuous loud low flying above our homes during dinner , many times extending into the 1100pm hour.

I understand there is an approved route that should be used that is over the water. Please use that route. I love the Navy and our country, I only ask that you work with the community in releaving us of this noise.

Secondly, from a safety standpoint, if one of theses choppers were to crash on a beach full of tourists or take out several homes, crash into one of the shores high rises, potential loss of life and property would be devastating and simply not worth the risk.

Lastly, the economic impact this would have on the community would be long lasting. Think about it, one mistake could upend this Island as we know it. Let me thank you in advance for taking proactive measures in resolving this annoyance as well as a potential disaster"


"I'm in favor of making changes. I see the soot and noise as the biggest problems on this issue. Thank you."


"Please fly over the ocean or in officially designated areas."


"Looking forward to some peace and quiet. The Helos infringe daily."

James & Denise

"Helicopters flying well past 2230 in IB on 21 March 2017. Quiet hours are 2200 according to the city website"


"It was so peaceful and quiet during the period that the runway (don't know the #) was being repaired in February of this year. We thought the Navy had finally gotten the message that the noise over the Shores was unbearable. But alas, it resumed after 4 weeks of bliss. There are also huge, loud, low-flying flixed-wing aircraft that sometimes fly over us at a very low altitude. They scare the daylights out of us. They too should be put on a different flight path -- before the unimaginable occurs"


"My wife and I are residents at Coronado Shores and have experienced the deafing sound of the helicopters flying by our complex of buildings many times over the past 7 years we have owned here. We live on the inside of the complex where the sound is particularly loud as it echoes between the towers as the helicopters fly by along the shoreline. During these periods it is so loud that conversation is impossible, and sound levels may even be above limits considered safe for human hearing. We also find a gooey rubbery dusting of particles on our outdoor patio that must be cleaned up every few days when there are frequent flights. We believe this is from exhaust from these machines. We understand there are other acceptable flight paths that would put greater distance between the helicopters and non-military buildings on the ground and we wish to communicate our desire for these alternate paths be considered. Also, often the helicopters fly quite low along the shore, and we would appreciate a higher altitude which would also help reduce the noise. Thank you for considering our input on this matter."


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