H-60 Helos

Community Concerns with H-60 Helos

If you live in Imperial Beach, Coronado Cays, Coronado Shores, Northwest of the Del, North Beach, the Coronado Country Club, or on 1st Street, then you already know this helicopter too well....by sight and by SOUND. If you're a member of the larger community, perhaps immune from the noise pollution because you're a bit farther removed, chances are that you and people you care about still inhale toxic fumes from these aircraft. And the fallout should one of these helicopters fall from the sky, destroying lives and property in its path, will reverberate throughout the community and impact everyone of us. Unless we give voice to our concerns, the enormous issues arising from the use of the current flight paths of these H-60 Helos are soon to exponentially increase.

NASNI Fleet of H-60 Helos is Growing

This is an H-60 Helicopter

In 1996, when the H-60 was first introduced to Naval Air Station North Island, the base was a quiet S3 fixed-wing airbase. Since then, the first fleet of approximately 97 H-60 helicopters is being expanded to more than twice that size, to more than 200.

These H-60 helicopters are inherently dangerous, heavy air polluters, and extremely noisy. More helos, means more flights, which means more air pollution, noise pollution, and a greater potential risk for accidents. As seen from the FAA data on the Current Flight Path page, there were 4,587 H-60 Helo flights just in the month of August 2016 alone.

We do not mind that the H-60 Helo fleet is growing. We just do not like that this growing fleet continues to fly over our homes, neighbors, and children. With so many flights per day, per month, per year, the total number of flights continues to rack up. It only takes one accident over our neighborhoods...

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