Cause For Complaint

Why Has Nothing Been Done?

Without pressure from community members, the Navy has no reason to make any changes to the flight paths of the H-60 helicopters and Fighter Jets. Building a community voice and filing complaints often, will encourage the Navy to use alternate flight paths rather than the airspace just above our homes and beaches.

One of the best ways to quiet the noise and to help raise awarenees for our campaign is to share this website with your neighbors and community members. Follow the link below to see five other ways you can also help out and voice your concerns.

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If you've already voiced your concerns & filed your complaints and would like to do more, let us know! There's plenty to do to get these flight paths changed. There are monthly meetings scheduled with the Navy to discuss the current situation, -NEED WORDING HERE- about more stuff that they can do. To keep current with the whole process, please join our mailing list below.

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