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Who We Are

We are a group of concerned Coronado and Imperial Beach residents worried about the safety and comfort of our community due to the current flight path in use by the Navy. As we have stated before, we are not anti-Navy and do not want these aircrafts removed from the Coronado community. We understand the importance of flight training and the experince gained from each approach. All we are asking for is that the Navy move the flight path further offshore, as is was before the random 2012 change. This is not asking much and will not take a lot of effort on their end. We want the Navy to be cognizant of the potential dangers of a residential crash, and that leaving the flight path as is will contiunue to put our our children, families, and homes in danger.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to encourage the Navy to redirect H-60 helicopters and the Fighter Jets to safer and more community-aware flight patterns in order to decrease the significant risk of personal injury (and death) to citizens & visitors, the destruction of property, and to minimize air & noise pollution over the shoreline communities of Coronado & Imperial Beach.

Safety Concerns

In recent years, there have been several aircraft accidents causing death and billions of dollars in damage. With the H-60 helo and fighter jet flight path now over the residences of Coronado, the effects of a heliopter or jet crash into our houses would be devastating. Accidents are exactly that, accidents, and they can happen anytime, anywhere.

Check out this Article on Safety for more information regarding aircraft accidents.

Health Concerns

The frequent flights and low altitudes of these H-60 helos and fighter jets greatly compromise air quality around our homes and in our neighborhoods. That oily black gunk you find on your windows and around your house is exhaust and unspent fuel released into the air. Not only is it gunking up your home, it's sitting in your lungs.

Check out this EPA Report on the toxicity of emissions from aircraft engines for more information.

Noise Concerns

If you've sat anywhere near the flight path of an H-60 or especially a fighter jet, you know how deafeningly loud they are. Forget having a drink/meal on the patio at the Hotel Del Coronado, sitting outside at home, conversing, watching TV, talking on the phone, relaxing on the beach, or listening to music. With flights permitted up until 10:30pm, don't even consider a reasonable bed time for your kids.

Check out this Article on Noise Exposure for more information on the negative health effects of noise pollution.

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